Test and monitor your website performance with a single tool and its features. Fast and intuitive to use, they provide all the insights you need.

Monitoring Website PageSpeed Scores

Start monitoring page speed in less than a minute, check how long it takes for CSS, Javascript and HTML to load, know the size and load time of every element and understand how they appear on the website.

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Website Performance Monitoring Visualization

See how the changes you make to the exact page of your site impact its performance. With the history of audits at hand, you won't have to guess which of your actions actually helped.

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Lighthouse Report

Analyze a PageSpeed report more deeply: all metrics, guidance for improving web performance and more.


Advanced Audit Scheduler

Automate running website load speed tests by Audit Scheduler. Run hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly PageSpeed audits for whole domain (pages that are added to the domain settings)


Website Performance Testing from different Regions

Replicate your target audience experience by monitoring the site performance in the exact location. AU-Sydney, US-California, EU-Frankfurt, JP-Tokyo and CA-Toronto are available for now.

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Getting the most from Google Lighthouse

Continuously run a series of audits for any page, getting reports on how well the page did. Such audits go with a piece of reference information explaining why the audit is important and how to fix the flaws.


CI/CD Integration

Check all the code changes for possible web performance degradations, get exploratory visual analysis and change point detection. Run web performance audits by usingPageSpeed Green CLI

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